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UBB Super forward Posts tool(Support a variety of coding and removal of interference)Html to UBB

  • Shield symbol
  • Shielding hyperlink
  • The shielding objects
  • Screen text
  • Enable image filtering
  • Screen font
  • Interrupt code
  • Screen text color
  • Screen font size
  • Shielding text type
  • Shielding bold
  • Shielding Italic
  • Shielding Underline
  • Shielding reference frame
  • Find text:
  • Replacement text:
  • The use of regular grammar
Instructions for use:
  • Drag the mouse selected in the webpage you want pictures or text, then the right mouse button " replication ( C ) " or press Ctrl+C。
  • Enter the page, press the " add to convert the clipboard data"。
  • Copy data in a text box, press the " to copy the code to the clipboard "。
  • Enter the forum page, right-click the mouse " paste ( P ) " or press Ctrl+V to post content is copied to the content of the post box。
  • Garbled filter function in Discuz and tested under Phpwind section of the forums, if not normal use please turn off code filter。
  • To not open the interference code forum suggested removing the shield interference code check box。
The update description:
  • Increase the number of functional conversion tool。
  • To increase the shielding interference code function。
  • Increased personal tool use frequency function。
  • To increase the conversion tools page chat room function。
  • To increase the shielding function reference frame。 - NEW
The converted page with four options, respectively " shield symbol ", " shield hyperlink " screen font " and " the shielding objects "。
  • Select " screen picture " option, converting the results will contain no picture information;
  • Select the " shielding hyperlink " option, the conversion result will not containing link information;
  • Select " screen font " option, the conversion result will not contain the font size, color, font name, bold and italic information;
  • Select the " shielding object " option, the conversion result will not containing FLASH and REAL objects。

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